Elemental Pathways with Robyn
Elemental Pathways with Robyn

Is an ancient form of bodywork originating in Japan and is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine using the concept of Qi our vital life force energy, stimulating and promoting our circulation and smooth flow of blood and Qi throughout our body.

Shiatsu involves using thumbs palms elbows knees and feet and a wide range of varying techniques with the aim to restore and balance bodily systems via meridians to organs for restoring health and wellbeing, this create space for the body's own natural healing abilities to occur. The treatment may include stretching techniques with rotations of limbs and joints, it may also include meridian therapy, acupressure point work, moxibustion, cupping, guasha and restorative stretching exercises It treats deficient or blocked qi, helping to release toxins, improve the flow of qi and blood, reducing muscular tension, stress and emotion related conditions and restoring harmony.

It is a deeply nurturing and relaxing treatment, performed on a futon on the floor however can also be done on a massage table, the person receiving is fully clothed. Many medical conditions respond well to Shiatsu Treatments and home recommendations may be advised to further assist the healing process.

90 mins - $95

Shiatsu by Robyn Ellen

Robyn is available for one on one and group sessions. Please click here for locations and booking information.

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