Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies

Is an ancient form of bodywork originating in Japan and is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine using the concept of Qi our vital life force energy, stimulating and promoting our circulation and smooth flow of blood and Qi throughout our body. It is a deeply nurturing and relaxing treatment. MORE HERE


Click here for a comprehensive list of available massage treatments.

Robyn's massages are very effective for pain management, muscle tension, circulation, joint mobility, range of motion, toxin elimination and improved skin tone. She has had much success in treating stress, anxiety, depression and other emotion related conditions. Robyn incorporates her intuitive insights and many healing modalities to deliver a very thorough and personalised treatment, much more than your standard massage, resulting in a rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. Many clients have commented on her magic hands and how wonderful they feel after a treatment.

Space Clearing

Is an ancient art of clearing stagnant and negative energy within a building, it is now a contemporary Feng Shui practice. The process removes negative energy and then aims to purify and uplift the energy making it feel welcoming and homely, like your sanctuary, a place of harmony and peace. It can improve your sleep and emotions and help you focus on what is important in your life, follow your passions and work toward your goals.

Space Clearing with Robyn Ellen

Feng Shui

Robyn has completed the most compressive Feng Shui course in Australia, including Chinese Astrology. Feng Shui means 'wind, water'. The purpose is to collect and retain Qi (energy) on a site and protect it from strong winds. Click here for a more information.


Reiki is universal energy, life force energy. The process of Reiki is to raise the vibration of energy and clear blockages within the body, helping you become vibrant and healthy. Often these blockages are caused from worry, stress or many other related conditions associated with your emotions. Click here for a more information.

Reiki with Robyn Ellen

Magic Pouch

A small bag containing affirmation, herbs, crystals, oils and prayers, designed specifically for clients to help them during challenging times. Price coming soon.

Robyn is available at:
Tarwin Lower, Gippsland, Victoria for one on one bookings
Tarwin Lower Community Health Centre on Thursdays, and
Group bookings across South Gippsland, Victoria

To make your appointment, please call my mobile 0488 990 598.
You can pay using these direct banking details, or bring cash on the day.
Commonwealth Bank details
BSB: 063518
Account: 10311606

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