Elemental Pathways with Robyn
Elemental Pathways with Robyn

Feng Shui means 'wind, water'. The purpose is to collect and retain Qi (energy) on a site and protect it from strong winds.

Robyn has completed the most comprehensive Feng Shui course in Australia, including Chinese Astrology. This form of Feng Shui is a complex mathematical formulae called Flying Stars, which is the most difficult at the school of Feng Shui. You need a solid understanding of both Form and Compass School, to understand its complexity.

Form school is an analysis of the land forms and water locations, and placement of furniture. Compass school uses a Bagua a pattern made from eight trigrams and focuses on the type of Qi (energy) coming from the compass directions.

Flying Star: A consultation takes into consideration the building's date of construction and the direction it is facing. The energy within a building is never static, and therefore homes with great Feng Shui will not sustain that luck forever.

Feng Shui looks at the distribution of energy in the building and the influence on the health, wealth, and relationships with the occupants residing there.

Feng Shui Victoria

Robyn is available for one on one and group sessions. Please click here for locations and booking information.

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