Elemental Pathways with Robyn
Elemental Pathways with Robyn

Full body massage using an individually chosen body oil, sound, and bodywork including some shiatsu techniques. This 'Mother Earth' treatment is a full body massage incorporating additional bodywork for problem areas, along with intuitive knowledge using both hands on healing and pressure points. this is Robyn's signature and most popular treatment with her regular clients.

This bodywork and massage is for those looking for a firmer massage, with pressure tailored to meet your needs. It soothes the body and helps with correcting postural integration and alignment.

It is perfectly normal to experience some tenderness the following day and it is recommended you drink plenty of water after your treatment.

90 mins - $125

Mother Earth Massage, Tarwin, Victoria

Robyn is available for one on one and group sessions. Please click here for locations and booking information.

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