Elemental Pathways with Robyn
Elemental Pathways with Robyn

Combined Therapy Cocktail is a life transforming process to facilitate change. When one thing changes everything changes. The session is a combination of various modalities which can include:

  • NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • EFT Emotional freedom Technique
  • Hypnosis
  • Time line Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Energy balance and healing plus more

Through simple processes you can transform negative emotions into positive feelings. This therapy includes tapping on meridian points to retrain and balance the brain, to form new neurological pathways.

Some of the benefits of a CTC Session include releasing fears, phobias, limiting beliefs along with improving physical conditions.

Are you ready for freedom? To cut the crap holding you back from reaching your highest potential?
Transform your life, regain your personal power and create the life of your dreams.

Say "YES"
Phone 0488 990 598 now to book a free 15 minute consultation via zoom, to see how the process can benefit you. Find your spark, your purpose and passion, return to your unique self where your soul is calling you to be free, and shine.

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